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Useful information about your NCC Bank credit cards

At NCC Bank Limited, we believe in getting your trust by presenting information in a clear and transparent manner to you. Therefore, you are kindly requested to note the following key terms that are associated with your NCC Bank Visa Credit Cards:

  • Your credit limit is mentioned in the card mailer.
  • Annual / Renewal Fee will be levied on your card account when the card is issued and on every anniversary of subsequent year irrespective of card activation.
  • You are expected to make payment of 5% or BDT 500 whichever is higher for local account and 6% or USD 10 whichever is higher for foreign account.
  • Finance charge is calculated from the date of transaction settlement to the date of payment.
  • If you do not make full payment, finance charge (i.e. interest) will be calculated at 20% per annum.
  • Free grace days (i.e. interest free credit period) are not applicable for customers who have any outstanding amount in the last statement.
  • If minimum payment due is not paid on or before due date, a late payment charge will be levied on the card account in addition to finance charges.
  • If payment due date falls on Friday, Saturday or public / bank holidays, payment to be made on the last transaction day.
  • Please ensure your account balance does not exceed the set credit limit for your account. If your account balance goes over the set credit limit at any point in time, your account will be charged an over limit fee.
  • A foreign currency factor (Mark-Up) of 3% will be applied in case of foreign currency transactions when the transaction currency is other than USD.
  • If payment is made by other bank's cheque, the same must be deposited at least 3(three) working days prior to payment due date to avoid late penalty.
  • Cardholder must add the amount of "Batch Clearing Fee" along with credit card due when you want to make payment using Clearing Cheque (BDT 50,000 and above) of any schedule bank. Please mark all Cheques crossed and payable to "NCC Bank Limited". Do not forget to write down your card number in the back side of the Cheque.
  • In compliance with the "Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Transactions of Bangladesh Bank", we advise you to complete the endorsement in your passport prior to your visit abroad. Please do not use your card abroad until the endorsement is made, as it will result in your transaction being declined.
  • Make sure your e-commerce limit is properly set at your card account prior to perform online payment using your credit card. You will be given the choice to get the One-Time Password at your registered email and mobile number during online transactions.
  • If you lost your card, please notify us immediately by calling our 24/7 Call Center at 16315 (Local), +8809612316315 (Overseas).
  • Automatic enrollment will be made for e-Statement and Transaction Alert (SMS) Services.
  • Your 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) shall remain same for your renewal credit card.
  • As required by law, we will share your credit card data with credit bureau or other regulators.
  • For additional information, please call our 24/7 Call Center at 16315 (Local), +8809612316315 (Overseas) or contact nearest branch of NCC Bank Limited or write to cards@nccbank.com.bd anytime.