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NCC Bank Consumers Loan

Term loan facility to individuals to meet their any ethical and legal and ethical financial obligations to be aroused from any specific personal purpose.

Age Limit: 21 Years to 65 Years

Loan Amount Range and Loan Tenure :

Amount Range Tenure
BDT 50,000.00 to BDT 200,000.00 12 Months ~ 24 Months
BDT 200,001.00 to BDT 500,000.00 12 Months ~ 60 Months
  • Salaried employees having at least two years of confirmed service.
  • Self-Employed Professionals having at least 2 years of independent practice experience
  • Businessman having minimum 3 years of engagement in business for Businessman.
  • Land Lord/Landlady (Rental Income Holder): Not required.
  • Remittance income holder, Remittance must be received by the spouse and/or the son/daughter of the person doing job in abroad.
  • Duly filled and signed NCCB Retail Loan Application Form.
  • 3 copies of Passport Size Photographs of Applicant(s) and Applicant's Spouse.
  • Copy of National ID Card of Applicant(s) and Applicant's Spouse
  • Last one year bank statement of the applicant(s) [Personal or Company account]
  • Up-to-date copy of TIN Certificate/Tax Return of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s).
  • Utility Bill Copy (Gas, Electricity, Land Phone, Water Supply).
  • If applicant is a salaried person then employer's letter of introduction/salary certificate/salary statement and office ID Card.
  • Copy of Professional Degree certificate, self declaration on own Letter Head Pad stating monthly income and membership certificate if Applicant or Guarantor is a professional individual.
  • If Applicant(s) or Guarantor(s) is a businessman Up-to-date trade license.
  • If the Applicant(s) is a Landlord/Landlady (Rental Income Holder) then copy of the Title deed of rental property, rental agreement or Rent receipt.