Advanced Product Mid Rate Max Rate
Agriculture: (Subject to Bangladesh Bank's Norms )
(i) Fish, Crops & other cultures (except Maize, Oilseeds & Spices) 10.00%
(ii) Maize, Oilseeds & Spices culture 4.00%
(iii) Dairy Farm under refinance scheme of Bangladesh Bank 5.00%
Term Loan:
(i) Industry (Large) 10.50% 12.00%
(ii) Others (other then mentioned below) 12.00% 13.50%
Working Capital to Industry:
(i) Small Scale 13.50% 15.00%
(ii)Medium Scale 12.50% 14.00%
(iii) Large Scale Corporate Clients 9.50% 11.00%
Pre Shipment Export Credit - 7.00%
Commercial Loan
(i) Pledge & Hypothecation 12.00% 13.50%
(ii) Small Business Loan & Festival Small Business Loan 13.50% 15.00%
(iii) NCCBL 'Nari Shabolombi' & 'Loan to 'Knowledgeable & Creative writings, publications & marketing' under Refinance Scheme of Bangladesh Bank - 10.00%
(iv) PAD, LIM & LTR 11.50% 13.00%
(v) Import of essential commodities as per Bangladesh Bank Circular 12.50% 14.00%
(vi) IBP, LDBP & Bills Discounted 12.00% 13.50%
(vii) FDBP & Bills Discounted (where exchange is earned) 12.00% 13.50%(for overd
Housing Loan:
(i) Residential 13.50% 15.00%
(ii) Commercial 11.00% 12.50%
Consumer Finance:House Repairing/Renovation Loan, Personal Loans, Consumer Finance Scheme (CFS) etc
(i)Secured by collateral 11.00% 12.50%
(ii)Not Secured by collateral 12.00% 13.50%
(iii) Car Loan 12.50% 14.00%
Credit Card:
(i)Secured by collateral - 2.00% Per Month
(ii)Not Secured by collateral 2.50% Per Month
Non Banking Financial Institute (NBFI) 10.50% 12.00%
(i) Against FDR, SSS & Other FO's (except SDS,MDDR & MTP) of our bank - *3.00% above relevant FOs rate
(ii) Against SDS, MDDR & MTP of our bank 12.00% 13.50%
(iii) Against FDR/FOs of other Banks, ICB,Unit, WEDB & Share etc 11.50% 13.00%
(iv) SOD (G) Against work/supply order 12.00% 13.50%
(v) SOD (G) other than work/supply order 12.00% 13.50%
(vi) SOD (G) Under Earnest Money Finance Scheme (EMFS) 13.00% 14.50%
(vii) Transport 13.00% 14.50%
(viii) Lease Finance (LFS) 12.00% 13.50%
(ix) Short Term Loan( STL) 12.00% 13.50%
(x) Tiime Loan 13.00% 14.50%
(xi) Forced Loan 14.00% 15.50%
(xii) Education Loan/Lien of A/Cs 15.00% (Fixed)
(xiii) Short Term Finance (STF) 9.50% 11.00%

i)Loan Processing fees of all consumer finance products to be re-fixed to 1.00% insted of 1.00%-1.50%

ii)*Any concession of above ROI of FO subject to prior approval from Head Office for very selective clients.

iii) After expiry of 30 days, 2.00% penal interest will be charged on overdue amount for the entire overdue period.The amount so accrued will be kept in interest suspense account instead of booking the same in income account. The amount kept in suspense shall be taken to income only after realization of the same from borrower.

iv) 1.50% variation on either side of the declared mid rate may be considered as per approval of Head Office, where mid rate is declared. Unless otherwise approved by Head Office, maximum rate of interest shall be applied on all categories of advances. 1.50% variation on either side of the mid rate may be considered by the Additional Managing Director/Managing Director & CEO of the Bank.

v) Changes of rates of interest to be intimated to the respective borrowers.