Date Title Details
09/07/2016 Restriction on Buy/Sale/Transfer of Shares of companies listed with the Stock Exchanges [+]Details
05/11/2016 Price sensitive information [+]Details
03/31/2016 Price sensitive information [+]Details
05/11/2016 Price Sensitive Information for Issuance of Subordinated Bond for Tk.400.00 crore [+]Details
05/11/2016 First Quarter (Q1) un-audited Financial Statements of the Bank for the period ended on March 31, 2016. [+]Details
05/04/2016 Meeting of the Board of Directors of National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited for approval of the un-audited financial statements of the Bank for the First Quarter (Q1) ended on March 31, 2016.) [+]Details
03/30/2016 Information regarding the Bank's 31st Annual General Meeting and entitled for dividend [+]Details
06/24/2015 National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. has approved 10% stock dividend (i.e.Bonus Share) for the year 2014. The approval was given in the Bank's 30th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the Officers Club, Dhaka on Wednesday, 24/06/2015 [+]Details
04/06/2015 Price Sensitive Information [+]Details
02/26/2012 Price Sensitive Information [+]Details