NRB Money Double Program (MDP)

It is a deposit product for a specific period of 9 years 7 months. On completion of term of 9 years 7 months the deposit amount will make the principal amount double and depositor will get double of deposited amount.

Features & Benefits:

  •   Any person can open Money Double Program Deposit (MDPD) A/c with NCC Bank Limited for Tk. 1.00 Lac and it's multiple.
  •   Premature encashment of MDPD will be discouraged. However if the depositor insisted to encash the same before maturity then the following    
    procedure will be applicable for premature encashment

  •   For less than 12 months: No interest will be paid other then principal amount, but charges to be realized from the principal amount of deposit
  •   For more than 12 months: Interest will be paid at existing rate applicable to Savings Bank Deposit A/c and charges to be realized from the proceeds

Required Documents:

  •   Bank prescribed account opening form duly filled up (Download).
  •   Photo: 2 passport size
  •   Nominee Photo: 1 pp size attested by account holder attestation on the reverse side
  •   Identification: Photocopy of Valid passport along with visa page/work permit with due attestation