Key Features of NRB Services

Features and Benefits:

  •   This is an interest bearing Taka account in which interest is paid twice a year.
  •   Initial deposit for opening this account is TK. 1000
  •   1% more interest than that of our Normal Savings Account.
  •   Cheque Book and ATM Card are available for this account and will be delivered to the account holder at NCCBLs own initiative.

Required Documents:

  •   Bank prescribed account opening form duly filled up (Download).
  •   Photo: 2 passport size
  •   Nominee Photo: 1 pp size attested by account holder attestation on the reverse side.
  •   Identification: Photocopy of Valid passport along with visa page/work permit with due attestation..

Special rate of interest in saving account:

Interest at a higher rate (1% + to existing rate) in Saving Accounts of the Wage earners/beneficiaries

Loan for land purchase at a required interest rate:

Finance by way of land mortgage loan to purchase land at 50:50 debt- equity participation by remittance sent and rebate @ 2% on total interest if the loan is repaid by remittance sent

Loan for construction of house at reduced interest rate:

Finance to construct house at 30:70 equity-debt participation against proceeds of remittance and rebate @ 2% on total interest if the loan is repaid by remittance sent

Advance against remittance sent:

Advance payment up to Tk. 10000/- against regular monthly remittance against guarantee from a valued client/local dignitary

Priority in Finance for investment in Trade and Industrial Project:

Financing SME project undertaken by the expertise/ beneficiaries with their remittance proceeds at 30:70 equity debt ratio at a prime rate of interest

Profit at special rate on term deposit:

Special rate of interest on FDR for Tk.2.00 lac and above issued from remittance proceeds