NCC Bank Remittance Service

Foreign remittance plays a significant role in our national economy. Our ten million expatriates are the source of pride and ambassadors of goodwill for Bangladesh. Now it has become one of the major sources of Bank's deposit, import financing, earning and exchange gain. NCC Bank has been given much more emphasis on inward foreign remittance since inception in line with the Bangladesh Bank's policy. It has started remittance business in the year 1988 through Money Gram as super-agent. Meantime, the Bank has established remittance drawing arrangement with 32 MTO,s across the globe including all major web based companies. Besides, we have arranged a large distribution network in the country consisting of NGO and Specialized Banks in order to delivery of remittance at door step of beneficiary safely, quickly & conveniently. .

The main focus is to channel remittance from overseas market and deliver the same to the beneficiary's end at quickest possible time complying with regulatory requirements. As a leading partner of remittance business of the country, we offer innovative products focusing operational excellence, customer service and product diversification.