NCC Bank Overseas Employment Loan Scheme (OELS)

This Loan Product is designed to help potential candidates aspiring for going abroad as wage Earners. The product will be termed as "Overseas Employment Loan Scheme" (OELS) and the salient features are::

Nature, Tenure & Purpose

  •   Term loan for maximum period of 2 years or as per work permit.
  •   The loan will be specially allowed to individuals aspiring for going abroad as Wage Earners to leverage only their processing cost
       associated in this regard.

  •   Loan Amount: Maximum Tk. 1.00 Lac for unskilled manpower and Maximum Tk. 2.00 Lac for Skilled Manpower
  •   Repayment: Maximum within 24 months by equal monthly instalment starting from 3rd month of disbursment or as prudently

  •   Moratorium Period: Maximum 2 months from disbursement.


  •   Application Fee: Tk. 100.00
  •   Service Charge: 1% on sanctioned amount (Minimum Tk. 500)


Any aspiring Bangladeshi candidate, aged between 21 to 40 years having confirmed employment contract endorsed/certified by Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) is eligible for this loan; subject to:

  •   Complied all preconditions for going abroad as Wage Earners e.g. Medical Clearance, Visa etc.
  •   Have no bad reputation e.g. Criminal record, political connection etc.
  •   Preferably a married person, permanently domicile of the locality.


  •   Tangible security like land, FDR etc. if available.
  •   Guarantee by reputed person/Man of means and spouse/parent.


  •   Maintain A/C relationship with a commitment to send remittance directly to us.
  •   No cash disbursement; payment will be made directly to recuruiting agency.