NCC Bank House Building Finance

Housing is one of the five prime needs of mankind. Everybody has a dream to have a dwelling house of his own. NCC Bank’s Housing Loan with competitive rates, convenient features and simple procedures will enable you to turn your dream into reality.

Purpose of the loan

  •   Purchases of Flats/Houses
  •   Construction of building on own land
  •   Extension of building/floors

Who can apply

  •   Confirmed Service holders with at least 3-years service experience employed by a well reputed organization
  •   Professionals with minimum 3-years experience (with adequate proof)
  •   Business persons with minimum 3-years continuous business performance (with adequate proof).

Feature of the loan

  •   Loan Amount: Tk.5,00000/-to Tk.75,00000/.
  •   Loan Period: 05 years to 15 years
  •   Interest Rate: Competitive Interest Rate as per Bank’s Policy and Bangladesh Bank
  •   Age of the property: Not exceeding 10 years in case of purchase of ready house/building
  •   Location of the property: City Corporation/Pourosava where there is a plan duly approved by a designated graduate Civil Engineer duly approved by the appropriate authority

Duties and Taxes are payable as per Govt. Rules. Consideration of income of spouse, father & son/daughter, mother & son/daughter is possible.Approval of loan applications are subject to fulfillment of legal, technical and financial requirements as per guidelines of NCC Bank Housing Loan Scheme and at the sole discretion of NCC Bank Ltd.

For details please contact with the Housing Loan Unit of Head Office or any of your nearest branches of NCCBL