NCC Bank Money Triple Program

Money Triple Program is a new deposit product of NCC Bank for a specific time period of 9 (Nine) years. This long term deposit is offering to make your principal amount triple on maturity.

Who can apply

Any person can open Money Triple Program (MTP) A/c with NCC Bank Limited for Tk. 1.00 Lac and it's multiple.

Premature encashment of MTP will be discouraged. However if the depositor insisted to encash the same before maturity then depositor will be entitled for interest as per following schedule.

  •   Before 1 (One) Year: No interest will be paid.
  •   After 1 (One) year but before 2 (Two) years:Prevailing interest rate of SB A/C.
  •   After 2 (Two) years but before 3 (Three) years :Prevailing interest rate of SB A/C + 0.50%.
  •   After 3 (Three) years :Prevailing interest rate of FDR for 2 years.

In case of post mature encashment i.e. encashment after maturity, no extra benefit will be applicable and no auto renewal is applicable against the Money Triple Program (MTP) Deposit.

The depositor can avail loan under secured overdraft (SOD-FO) against pledge of Money Triple Program Receipt (MTPR) up to the extent of 80% of the face value of MTPR at an interest rate of 16.50% p.a. following other rules and regulations applicable for SOD (FO).

For details please contact with any branches of NCC Bank Limited.