NCC Bank Savings Bank Deposit

Any individual person, local bodies, club, society, association, house wife, student, non-profitable organization etc. can open a Savings Bank Deposit A/c with NCC Bank Limited. Saving Bank Deposit is both and demand deposit, of which 10% is demand and 90% is time deposit and account holder can withdraw his/their deposits twice in a week upto a certain limit.

SB A/c is interest bearing deposit account.

Required Documents

  •   Prescribe A/c opening form to be filled in properly.
  •   A/c to be introduced properly.
  •   2 (Two) copies of recent passport size photograph of each person to be attested by the introducer.
  •   Nationality Certificate (Photocopy of valid passport/ Voter ID/ Certificate from union parisad chairman/ ward commissioner/
    valid driving license) to be submitted.

  •   Photocopy of TIN certificate (If any).
  •   1 (One) copy of passport size photograph of nominee to be attested by the account holder.