NCC Bank Offshore Banking Unit

NCC Bank obtains permission of Off-shore Banking Unit(OBU) as per Bangladesh Bank approval Letter No.BRPD(P-3)744(113)2010-1648 dated 2nd May,2010.We have commenced full fledged operation in our two Off-shore Banking Units located at Foreign Exchange Branch,Dhaka and Agrabad Branch , Chittagong

Our Off-shore banking units are free to accept deposit from or to borrow from persons/institutions not resident in Bangladesh including Bangladeshi national working abroad, Type-A (wholly foreign owned) units in the Export processing Zones in Bangladesh.

NCC Bank OBUs are free to make loans/advances to persons/institutions not resident in Bangladesh, Type-A (wholly foreign owned) units in the Export Processing Zones in Bangladesh.

We may discount bills accepted by ADs in Bangladesh against import L/Cs opened on deferred/usance basis applying due diligence.

All transactions should be carried on in the form of US Dollar.

FC Deposit Rates for USD as under:

Duration Rates
03 months 12.00%
06 months 12.50%
12 months 13.00%

For any query please contact with Treasury Division, Head office, Dhaka: