SL. Name of Organization Special Package & Discount Contact Details
1 Labaid

a) 10% discount on all pathological tests, b) 10% discount  on X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Ultra-Sonogram, ECG, ETT & ECHO, c) 10% discount on bed charge

Mr. Zahid, 01766660333
2 The Ibn Sina Trust

a) 35% discount on all kinds of Pathological test (Excluding PCR,  b) 30% discount on all kinds of Radiological and Imaging tests (Excluding MRI), c) 10% Discount on bed rent

Mr. Hadi, 01714421100
3 Japan Bangladesh Friendship Medical Services Ltd

a)  Pre Employment Health Check-up
b)  Annual Executive Health Check-up
c)  Executive Heart Check-up
d) ECP Heart Therapy
e) ESMR Heart Therapy
f) Sleep Medicine g) 10 % for bed rent & 20 % on out dor investigation  medical service

Mr. Nur Alam 01717760300
4 Sing Health Group Hospitals in Singapore (Service Provided by Mediconsult) a) Singapore General Hospital (SGH), b) National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS),c) National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), d) National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), e) Singapore Nat

a) Arrangement of doctor’s appointment b)Visa assistances c)Air ambulance services assistance  d)Transportation assistance e) Visitor’s information.  f)5 %discount facility on health checkup at Singapore General Hospital

Mr. Riad Kabir, 01826666628
5 Farazy Hospital & Diagnostic Ltd

a)      25% corporate discount on the published price on all pathological tests.  b)20% corporate discount on images services. c)10% discount on all cabin services.

Dr. Mukter Hossain, 01766111137
6 Central Hospital, Green Road

Up to 20 % Discount

7 United Hospital

20%  discount facilities In  all pathological tests carried  out in the  laboratory, 10% in all diagnostic tests carried out in Radiology & Imaging department & other diagnostic Services like ECG, ECHO, ETT & 5% Discount on Cabin rates.

Mr. Masum 01914001403
8 Asgar Ali Hospital Dhaka

-10% discount in Lab investigation, Radiology and Imaging for both out-patient and in-patient

-10% discount on Bed-charge for in-patient

-3% discount in Pharmacy for out-patient only (not applicable for imported medicines)

-EMI facility up to 12 months

Maruf Bin Hafiz Cell:01787683062