NCC Bank Car Loan

Just choose your car. Leave the financing to us.

A facility to ease the burden of high cost as well as to fulfill the dream of acquiring your car

Eligibility of the applicant

  •   Salaried employees having at least three years of confirmed service.
  •   Self-Employed Professionals having at least 3 years of independent practice experience.
  •   Businessperson having at least 3 years business experience.
  •   Homeowners or property income holder.

Age Limit

  •   Minimum Age 21 years to Maximum 60 years.

Loan Limit

  •   Minimum BDT 200,000 and Maximum BDT 4,000,000.

Vehicle Category

  •   Japanese, Korean, USA, South East Asian and European Origin Vehicles only.

Loan Application Fees

  •   BDT 600

Loan Tenure

  •   Reconditioned Vehicle: maximum 60 Months and Brand New Vehicle: maximum 72 months.

Required Documents

  •   3 copies of recent Passport Size Photograph of Applicant(s), Applicant’s Spouse and Guarantor (s) Self Attested.
  •   Copy of National ID Card of Applicant (s), Applicant’s Spouse & Guarantor(s).
  •   Last one year bank statement of the applicant (s) [personal or company account].
  •   Up-to-date copy of TIN Certificate of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s).
  •   Utility Bill Copy (Gas or Electricity).
  •   Accepted quotation of the car.
  •   If applicant is a salaried person then employer’s letter of introduction/salary certificate/salary statement and office ID Card.
  •   Copy of Professional Degree certificate, self declaration on own Letter Head Pad stating monthly income and membership certificate if Applicant or Guarantor is a professional individual.

  •   If Applicant (s) or Guarantor (s) is a businessman Up-to-date trade license.
  •   If the Applicant (s) is a property income holder then copy of Title deed of rental property, rental agreement or Rent receipt for the last three months.