NCC Bank Consumer Finance Scheme

The facility will offer an opportunity to fixed income groups to enjoy the benefit of sophisticated living and enhance their work efficiency which will contribute to socio-economic development of Bangladesh. Under Consumer Finance Scheme we finance the following

  •   New/Reconditioned Car/Motor Cycle/Microbus etc.
  •   Refrigerator/Deep Freeze.
  •   Television/VCR/VCP/Two-in-one/Three-in-One sets/Camera etc.
  •   Air Cooling System and generator.
  •   Personal computer and peripherals/Word Processor.
  •   Electrical appliances like washing Machine, Water pump, Micro wave Woven, Dish Antenna etc.
  •   Photocopier, sewing Machine, Laminating Machine etc.
  •   Furniture/Fixtures.
  •   Fax Machine, Cellular Phone.

Eligibility of the applicant

  •   Salaried individuals.
  •   Business Person.
  •   Professionals.

Age Limit

  •   Minimum Age 25 Years to Maximum 50 Years (excerption may be allowed for employees of NCC Bank) .

Loan Limit

  •   Minimum: BDT 100,000 and Maximum: BDT 300,000

Loan Amount Range

Items Loan Amount Range
New Vehicles Minimum 30% of total cost
Reconditioned Vehicles Minimum 40% of total cost
Other Items Minimum 25% of total cost

Loan Tenure

  •   For Motor Vehicles - Maximum 3 (three) years
  •   For other items - Maximum 2 (two) years

Loan Application Fees

  •   BDT 600

Required Documents

  •   3 copies of recent Passport Size Photograph of Applicant(s), Applicant’s Spouse and Guarantor (s) Self Attested.
  •   Copy of National ID Card of Applicant (s), Applicant’s Spouse & Guarantor(s).
  •   Last one year bank statement of the applicant (s) [personal or company account].
  •   Up-to-date copy of TIN Certificate of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s).
  •   Utility Bill Copy (Gas or Electricity).
  •   • Accepted quotation of the vehicle or other items.
  •   If applicant is a salaried person then employer’s letter of introduction/salary certificate/salary statement and office ID Card.
  •   If applicant or guarantor Professional then Professionals Degree Certificate, self declaration on own Letter Head Pad stating monthly income and membership certificate.

  •   If Applicant (s) or Guarantor (s) is a businessman Up-to-date trade licensee.
  •   If the Applicant (s) is a property income holder then copy of Title deed of rental property, rental agreement or Rent receipt for the last three months.