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Chairman's Message

Banking in Bangladesh and the economy as well have witnessing a lot of positive changes/developments during the last couple of years. The sector has gone forward to embrace sophisticated technology based environment, thanks to the relentless efforts and encouragement of Bangladesh Bank. The Central Bank itself has yet again recorded its success in maintaining stable exchange rate and rate of inflation is also under control through its timely and prudent monetary policy. Following the long cherished expectation of the business community, the rate of interest against credit has been lowered to a single digit by the Banks. However, to keep the spread at satisfactory level and shed-off excess liquidity as well as to reduce cost of fund rate against deposit was also reduced accordingly. Though these factors allowed us a breathing space in terms of cost of fund and fuelled development, but they also created the necessity of control by regulatory bodies like Bangladesh Bank, SEC, etc. over the affairs to streamline process and bring discipline. This also calls for strong infrastructure development to be able to work in the changed environment successfully. A secured automated environment is also a demand of the day against the threat of increased Cyber-crime. We would also need to pay attention to our human resources to improve and motivate them to rise to the occasion and contribute to the cause. The importance of being compliant with the regulations and rules of the governing bodies hardly be overemphasized as on their rating of the image of the Bank largely depends.

In this backdrop, the activities of the Bank in 2015 have been made more organized and consolidated through reform initiatives in some vital operational fields like Credit Management, International Trade, etc. The Management team of skilled and experienced people on whom responsibilities of running the operation rests, performing its duties very commendably. In 2015 the positive signs of their efforts have been observed in the operational result of the Bank in various key indicators like Deposit, Advances, Profit, percentage of NPL, CAR and the rating awarded by Bangladesh Bank.

At the last leg of 2014, the Head Office of the Bank was relocated in its own 22 storied unique NCC Bank Bhaban situated at the heart of the capital, Motijheel C/A. adding extra touch to the activities of the Bank igniting a renewed sense of motivation, spirit and zeal to work whole heartedly. This, along with a changed logo as part of re-branding efforts, played a pivotal role in building the image of the Bank further. Like last year, we hope that this advantage will help us booking new business and enhance profitability as expected.

The Bank is committed to discharge its Corporate Social Responsibilities. From the very inception, we paid due attention to this and acted accordingly. So far different people oriented schemes have been undertaken that received tremendous appreciation from all quarters of the society. We are extending stipend to meritorious but poor students of remote areas of the country. Already a Day Care Center has started functioning at Motijheel organized in collaboration with few other Banks. We are sincerely trying to establish a Hospital with all modern facilities and an 'Old Home' for the helpless senior citizens. Necessary arrangements are underway to that effect and we hope to have some positive turn soon.

Our workforce, consists of skilled and experienced employees, are working under the leadership of able Management Team steering them to the right path of success continuously. We at the Board are also taking due care to enhance their knowledge base and skill level by endorsing befitting schemes of the Management to face the challenge of ever changing scenario and to meet the expectation of the stakeholders.

My strong belief is that the year 2016 will be a good one for all of us. All our positive and pragmatic endeavors will hopefully enable us to ensure sustainable growth for the Bank.

Before concluding this, I would like to take this opportunity to place my sincere thanks to the Govt. of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, both the Stock Exchanges of the country, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms and other Regulatory Bodies for their continued and prudent guidance and support to our activities.

My heartfelt thanks also go to the, members of the Board who are confident enough to trust my views without whose supports and co-operations I would not have been able to discharge my responsibilities as the Chairman. I sincerely thank Valued Shareholders, Clients, Well-wishers, and Patrons of the Bank for being with us and supporting us all the time.

I would also like to thank the members of the Management Team for exhibiting excellent leadership to guide employees of all grades in coping-up with the rapidly-changing characteristics of the sector by instill in them leadership quality with strong team spirit. With their tireless effort, the environment got a better look reflecting changed cultural atmosphere and positive attitude. The employees also deserve my thanks for their confidence on the Management for their welfare and play due role as expected from them.

Md. Abul Bashar

Chairman, Board of Directors