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NRB Millionaire Scheme

It is a monthly deposit scheme which will make a client millionaire after a certain period. This scheme will be very much helpful to implement a future plan successful by small savings of hard earn Bangladeshi expatriates.

Tenure Installment Matured Amount
3 Years BDT 25,500.00 BDT 1,000,000.00
5 Years BDT 14,500.00 BDT 1,000,000.00
6 Years BDT 11,500.00 BDT 1,000,000.00
8 Years BDT 8,000.00 BDT 1,000,000.00
10 Years BDT 6,000.00 BDT 1,000,000.00
12 Years BDT 4,700.00 BDT 1,000,000.00
15 Years BDT 3,350.00 BDT 1,000,000.00
20 Years BDT 2,050.00 BDT 1,000,000.00
  • Any NRBs of 18 years or more can open this account.
  • The NRB must have valid residence visa/work permit/trade license abroad or related documents.
  • Any NRBI beneficiary of NRB or jointly can open the account.
  • There must be a savings account.
  • Installment may be deposited within 10th of every month by debiting link account.
  • Advance installments may be deposited but no extra interest.
  • Late fees @ 2% of installment amount for each month.
  • Failing three (3) consecutive installments, the account will be closed.
  • The loan facility up to 90% & credit card limit up to 80% of the deposited amount .
  • Government Excise/tax at source etc. applied.
  • Photo: 2 copy passport size.
  • Nominee Photo: 1 copy pp size attested by account holder.
  • Identification: Photocopy of Valid passport with Visa page by due attestation and NID copy for Beneficiary of NRB and Utility Bill.
  • Valid Visa: Entry VISA with due attestation.
  • Address Proof: (If Any) - Resident Permit/ Work ID.