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NCC Bank Securities & Financial Service

NCCB Securities & Financial Services Limited-a newly incorporated fully owned subsidiary company of National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited having paid up capital of TK. 200 crore is a member of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. & Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited bearing Membership no. 61 & 132 respectively. All the branches are well designed & equipped with modern equipment related to stock broking business like highly configured projector, trading work station and price displaying board. Mentionable that our Brokerage House is a full-fledged Depository Participant of Central Depository of Bangladesh Ltd. (CDBL). Our Stock Broking business has been running since 1993 under the umbrella of parent company NCC Bank PLC. And presently we have a dedicated team of 65 officers & executives who are experienced and skilled as fund manager, financial analyst and stock broking advisor. So to speak, all of them have got the highest degree of professionalism.

Stock Broking Services

  • Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange.
  • Arbitrage in both Exchanges.

CDBL Related Services

  • Full Service Depository Participant (DP) Services.
  • Beneficiary Owner (BO) Account opening & maintenance.
  • Client Custodian Services.
  • Dematerialization & Re materialization of Shares
  • Freeze (freeze request and release request) and suspensions.
  • Pledging, un-pledging and confiscation.
  • BO ISIN balance and master maintenance enquiry.

Our Clients

  • Local & Foreign Corporate Clients.
  • Local High net worth Clients.
  • Foreign & Local individual Clients.
  • Total No. of Client 15,000+.

Other Services & Benefits

  • Margin loan facilities to Clients.
  • No processing fee and formalities.
  • Consultancy and Counseling to our valued Clients regarding Capital Market.
  • Market report to our Corporate, Foreign & Retail Clients.
  • Maintain highest degree of professionalism & Business ethics.
  • One Stop Services (Merchant Banking & Stock Broking under one umbrella).
  • Instant Settlement against sale of share.
  • Providing Portfolio Statement through e-mail.

Products & Charges

Product Beneficiary Owner Account NRB Beneficiary Owner Account
Scheme Margin/Non Margin Account Non-Margin NRB Account
Eligibility Any Bangladeshi over 18 years old NRB over 18 years old
Minimum Deposit Tk. 3000/- Tk. 3000/-
Maximum Deposit Tk. 10 Crore Tk. 10 Crore
Margin Loan Facility As per SEC Guideline N/A
Documentation Charges Tk. 500/- Tk. 500/-
Security Deposit Tk. 2000/- Tk. 2000/-
CDBL Charges Tk. 500/- Tk. 500/-
Interest Rate Tk. 17% (Flexible) N/A
Brokerage Commission Tk. 0.45% (Flexible) Tk. 0.45% (Flexible)

Required Documents For Account Opening (single/Joint)

  • Photograph of the Single Applicant-3 copies.
  • Photograph of the Joint Applicant-3 copies.
  • Bank Statement/Certificate from branch Manager.
  • Two copies of passport size photograph for nominee (attached by the Accountholder).
  • Photocopy of passport/Nationality certificate.
  • Photocopy of National ID Card.
  • Introducing by existing accountholder.
  • Any other documents as deemed necessary.

Required Documents For Corporate

  • 3 copies of passport size attached photograph for every signatory.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Board Resolution and TIN Certificate.
  • Any other documents as deemed necessary.

Non-Resident Bangladeshi

  • Passport size Photograph of the Single Applicant- 3 copies.
  • Passport size Photograph of the Joint Applicant- 3 copies.
  • FC account Statement/Certificate from Branch Manager.
  • Two copies of passport size photographs for nominee (attached by the Accountholder).
  • Attached Photocopy of passport.
  • Photocopy of Work Permit.
  • Introducing by existing Accountholder.
  • Notarized Power of Attorney.
  • Any other documents as deemed necessary.