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NCC Bank Treasury Service

NCC Bank Treasury has a well equipped state of the art dealing room with a dedicated team of skilled human resources for efficient dealing. NCC Bank Treasury provides all sorts of Treasury solutions including Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Fixed Income and Corporate solutions.

Foreign Exchange

NCC Bank Treasury engaged in need based foreign currency transactions in inter-bank market. NCC bank dealing room is connected to world famous Thomson Reuters live currency monitor with other on-line dealing platforms of different international banks to quote competitive spot & forward prices for major currencies .We are offering competitive exchange rates to our Importers, Exporters and Non-Resident Remitters for major currencies against BDT.

FX Products

  • Spot Dealing.
  • Forward Dealing.
  • SWAP.
  • Corporate Deals.
  • Term Placement.

Money Market

Money Market deals for internal fund mobilization abiding regulatory requirement. Our Money Market desk ensures that the bank is sufficiently liquid by minimizing cost of fund at minimum risk. NCC Banks Money Market desk lends and borrows a remarkable amount in inter-bank market for liquidity management.

Money Market Products

  • Overnight Call.
  • Term Placement.
  • Repo/Reverse Repo.

Fixed Income Market

NCC Bank is the market leader in Primary Dealer of Government securities. With a view to activating a secondary market in Treasury bills/Bonds and other Government securities Bangladesh Bank nominated NCC Bank as a primary dealer in the year 2003.From the very beginning we are actively trading Government securities in OTC market. We have a large number of clients including individuals and institutions.


  • To be a market leader in the primary dealership market.
  • To help enhance the liquidity and depth in the securities market through selling & buying government securities and establishing new trading relationship with other parties.
  • To develop secondary market by popularizing government securities to individuals and institutions.
  • To help Bangladesh Bank in achieving their strategic monetary targets.

Government Securities for trading

  • Treasury bills tenure wise: 91 days, 182 days & 364 days.
  • Treasury bond tenure wise: 02 Years, 05 Years, 10 Years, 15 Years & 20 Years.