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NCC Bank Professional Loan

Term loan facility available to finance new business establishment or up-gradation of existing business establishment cost. The target market of NCC Bank Professional Loan is the professionals those who are practicing or intended to start practice of their profession individually. Here professional means, Doctors, Dentists, Chartered Accountants, Civil Engineers, Architects, Financial Analysts, Consultants, Information Technology Specialists, Diploma Engineers, etc.

Age Limit: Minimum Age 21 years and at the time of loan adjustment the applicant's maximum age must be 65 years or below.

Loan Amount Range and Loan Tenure :

Amount Range Tenure
BDT 50,000 ~ BDT 300,000 12 Months ~ 24 Months
BDT 300,001 ~ BDT 3,000,000 24 Months ~ 48 Months
  • Certified and enlisted Self - Employed Professionals with the concerned authorities/institutes.
  • Work station in the areas where NCCBL operates.
  • Dully filled and signed NCCB Retail Loan Application Form.
  • Three copies of Passport Size Photographs of applicant(s) and his/her spouse(s).
  • Copy of National ID Card of applicant(s) and his/her spouse(s).
  • In absence of NID, copy of valid passport/birth certificate shall be accepted.
  • Copy of utility bill such as electricity, gas, land phone, water supply of Applicant's present residence.
  • Copy of Up-to-date TIN Certificate or Tax Return Copy of the applicant.
  • Up-to-date loan repayment statement(s) along with the sanction advice(s) of all the existing loans and Credit Card (s) of the applicant(s) and his/her spouse(s).