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NCC Bank Health Loan

Term loan facility available to incur own & family member's (spouse, children & parents) medical expenses. Incase of loan application for own medical expenses the application must have a co applicant who is income holder (sufficient income to avail the applied loan amount singly) blood relative other wise the application must be 100% cash backed.

Age Limit: Minimum Age 21 years and at the time of loan adjustment the applicant's maximum age must be 65 years or below.

Loan Amount Range and Loan Tenure :

Amount Range Tenure
BDT 50,000 ~ BDT 200,000 12 Months ~ 36 Months
BDT 200,001 ~ BDT 1,000,000 24 Months ~ 60 Months
  • A salaried individual, having minimum 3 years experience as a permanent employee.
  • Self Employed individuals, such as - Doctors, Dentists, Chartered Accountants, Civil Engineers, Architects, Financial Analysts, Consultants, Information Technology Specialists, Diploma Engineer etc.
  • An individual having proven track record as a successful businessman for minimum 3 years.
  • An individual having a regular validated income from residential/commercial building or structure or landed property.
  • An individual having regular income from different kinds of financial instruments such as Fixed Deposit/Savings Certificate/ICB Unit certificate(s)/Treasury Bond etc.
  • Remittance Income holder, Remittance must be received by the spouse and/or the son/daughter of the person doing job in abroad.
  • Dully filled and signed NCCB Retail Loan Application Form.
  • Three copies of Passport Size Photographs of applicant(s) and his/her spouse(s).
  • Copy of National ID Card of applicant(s) and his/her spouse(s).
  • In absence of NID, copy of valid passport/birth certificate shall be accepted.
  • Copy of utility bill such as electricity, gas, land phone, water supply of Applicant's present residence.
  • Copy of Up-to-date TIN Certificate or Tax Return Copy of the applicant.
  • Up-to-date loan repayment statement(s) along with the sanction advice(s) of all the existing loans and Credit Card (s) of the applicant(s) and his/her spouse(s).