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NCC Bank Affordable Car Key

  • This loan is intended to purchase of Registered Used Car for personal use
  • Registered Used Car, SUV, Station Wagon - purpose for personal uses only..
  • Brand: As per existing Car Loan Policy
  • Loan maturity must be within 10 years from date of manufacturing for registered used car/vehicle

Age Limit: 21 Years to 65 Years

Loan Amount: BDT 400,000.00 To BDT 2,500,000.00

  • Salaried employees having at least two years of confirmed service.
  • Self-Employed Professionals having at least 2 years of independent practice experience.
  • Businessman having minimum 3 years of engagement in business for Businessman.
  • Land Lord/Landlady (Rental Income Holder): Not required.
  • A complete LAP
  • National ID (NID/Smart Card) for applicant
  • 3 copies of recent studio photograph (Passport Size)
  • TIN Certificate / Acknowledgement slip
  • Car Quotation / Deed of agreement with applicant's acceptance

Specific documents for Salaried customers:

  • Salary certificate or Letter of Introduction (LOI) / Pay slip signed by the competent authority (for Bundle product, attested copy of LOI and other docs. are considerable for another LAP)
  • Bank Statement of last 6 months
  • Copy of Office ID/ Business Card

Specific documents for Businessman customers:

  • Trade license copy (Valid)
  • Partnership deed copy (for partnership concern)
  • (Partnership firm registered with RJSC and for exception level 2 approval required)
  • Memorandum of Articles /Memorandum of Association (for Limited concern). Form X/ XII /117/ Board Resolution for any shareholder or share number change
  • Company Bank Statement of last 1 year (If customer owns more than one proprietorship business concern, personal statement cannot be considered and customer has to provide company bank statement.)
  • Company TIN, BIN, Export-Import license, Contract license (if any)
  • Business Card

Specific documents for Landlord/Landlady customers:

  • Ownership Proof (Electricity/Gas bill/ Mutation/Sale deed copy/ etc)
  • Rental Agreement (Should be on Revenue Stamp)/ Rent Receipt with rental summary (format attached below)
  • Personal Bank Statement Required for 6 months

Document for Guarantor: (as applicable)

  • 1/2 copies (as applicable) of recent studio photograph signed by the guarantor & attested by applicant
  • NID/Smart Card copy
  • Business Card/ Office ID (if salaried)

Co-applicant's Document:

  • Same as primary applicant

Self-Employed Professionals (Doctors, Engineers, etc):

  • Income supported documents (if any)
  • 6 months Personal Bank Statement Required
  • Business Card
  • Professional Certificate (as applicable)
  • Declared Income on personal letter head pad