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NCC Bank Sustainable Finance

AS per Bangladesh Bank's Sustainable Finance Department's circular no 02, dated 01 December 2016, subject "Formation and Formulation of Terms of Reference of Sustainable Finance Division in Banks and Financial Institutions", NCC Bank Limited formed "Sustainable Finance Unit (SFU)" and "Sustainable Finance Committee (SFC)" as per the approval of the Board of Directors of the Bank on: 28 December 2016.

Sustainable Finance Unit

Sustainable Finance Unit works as per the Terms of References (ToRs) stipulated by Bangladesh Bank. The major areas of Sustainable Finance Unit are:

Sustainable Finance Committee

Sl. Designation Status in the Committee
1. Deputy Managing Director Chairman
2. Senior Executive Vice President (Chief Finance Officer) Member
3. Senior Executive Vice President (Corporate Business) Member
4. Senior Executive Vice President (Chief Risk Officer) Member
5. Senior Executive Vice President (Operations) Member
6. Senior Executive Vice President (Internal Control and Compliance) Member
7. Senior Executive Vice President (Chief Information Officer) Member
8. Executive Vice President (Head of Marketing and Branches Division) Member
9. Executive Vice President (Head of Retail Banking Division) Member
10. Senior Vice President (Structured Finance Division) Member
11. Senior Vice President (Head of Credit Administration Division) Member
12. Senior Vice President (Head of Human Resources Division) Member
13. Senior Vice President (Sustainable Finance Unit) Member-Secretary
14. Vice President (Risk Management Division) Member
15. Vice President (Special Asset Management Division) Member
16. Senior Assistant Vice President (International Division) Member
17. First Assistant Vice President (Public Relations & Brand Management) Member

The overall activities of Sustainable Finance Unit (SFU) and the discussions and decisions of the Sustainable Finance Committee (SFC) meetings are reported and guided by the Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors of the Bank.