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Environment Friendly Products/ Projects/ Initiatives under Bank's own Source of Finance and also under Bangladesh Bank Refinance Scheme

Renewable Energy:

  • Solar Home System.
  • Solar Pico Grid.
  • Solar Nano Grid.
  • Solar Micro Grid.
  • Solar Mini Grid.
  • Solar Park.
  • Net Metering Rooftop Solar System.
  • Solar Irrigation Pumping System.
  • Solar Pump for Drinking Water.
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Assembly/ Manufacturing Plant.
  • Solar Cooker Assembly/ Manufacturing Plant.
  • Solar Water Heater Assembly/ Manufacturing Plant.
  • Solar Air Heater & Cooling System Assembly/ Manufacturing Plant.
  • Solar Powered Cold Storage.
  • Small sized Biogas plant- 1.2, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 3.2 and 4.8 cubic meter gas production per day.
  • Medium sized Biogas Plant- capacity varies between 6 to 25 cubic meter gas production per day.
  • Large sized Biogas plant- having capacity 26 cubic meter gas production per day to 200 cubic meter gas production per day and above .
  • Integrated cow rearing and setting up of biogas plant.
  • Wind Power Plant.
  • Hydro Power Plant (Pico, micro, mini).

Energy & Resource Efficiency:

  • Installation of Energy Auditor certified machineries .
  • Auto sensor power switch assembly Plant .
  • Energy efficient cook stove assembly Plant .
  • LED Bulb/ Tube manufacturing/ assembly Plant .
  • Energy efficient lime Kiln .
  • Improved rice parboiling System .

Alternative Energy:

  • Pyrolysis oil/ Bio crude oil/ Bio fuel manufacturing plant.

Liquid & Solid Waste Management:

Installation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP):

  • Biological ETP.
  • Combination of Biological and Chemical ETP.
  • Conversion of Chemical ETP into combination of Bilogical and Chemical ETP.
  • Central ETP.
  • Waste water treatment plant.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Methane recovery and power production from municipal waste plant.
  • Compost production from municipal waste plant.
  • Hazardous waste management unit/ plant.
  • Medical waste management unit/ plant.
  • E-waste management unit/ plant.
  • Sludge management unit/ plant .

Recycling and Manufacturing of Recyclable Goods:

  • PET Bottle recycling plant.
  • Plastic waste (PVC, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS) recycling plant.
  • Paper recycling plant.
  • Recyclable bag manufacturing plant.
  • Recyclable poly propylene thread and bag manufacturing plant.
  • Battery (Solar/ Led Acid/ Lithium Ion) Recycling Plant.

Environment Friendly Brick Production:

  • Compressed Block brick.
  • Foam concrete brick.
  • Environment friendly/ Brick kiln efficiency improvement project.

Green/ Environment Friendly Establishment:

  • Establishment of certified green industry.
  • Establishment of certified green building.
  • Establishment/ Installation "Green featuring" in the Building/ Industries.


  • Ensuring Workplace Environment, Health and Safety of Industries.
  • Vermicompost production.
  • Palm oil production.
  • Oragnic manure production from slurry.