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NCC Bank Youngster Maximus

Round the year you get the opportunity to receive cash gifts in different religious celebrations, on English & Bengali New Year (Pahela Boishakh), on your Birthday or on Special Family Event. But all these special days donation even come at a time or nevertheless in sequel. Yes you want to spend this treasure-trove on many things but you are wishing for spending it on a big longing. Youngster Maximus shall help you to accumulate your cash to a substantial amount. Youngster Maximus is a great investment option for you whenever you have enough cash to avail this opportunity. The Youngster Maximus has the ability to earn for you a higher rate of return than a regular transactional account or traditional fixed deposit account. The rate of return is fixed for the duration of the term selected, so you know exactly how much return you will earn at maturity. The Youngster Maximus is zero risk investment than traditional similar account. You only need a small amount to get started. This is the best option that best suits your savings goals. Finally, if you continue to roll your Youngster Maximus account over a longer period of time, you can get the additional benefit or compound return on your investment.

Prerequisite to Open the Account: Applicant must have an NCCB Youngster Account.

Parent's Approval: To open the account you need to get the account opening Application Form signed by both of your Parents or Legal Guardian with passport size photograph duly attested by the School Authority.

Deposit Amount: Minimum BDT 5,000 and Maximum BDT 1,000,000.

Deposit Maturity Tenure: Minimum 3 years.

Rate of Return: Published NCCB 1 year FDR rate plus 0.25%.

Annual Service Charge: Free of charges.

Number of Accounts: One can open maximum 5 Youngster Maximus Account of different or same amount (but aggregate amount not exceeding BDT 1,000,000) in Youngster Account Name or with a Joint Name.

Nomination of Legal Guardian: Parents of the Accountholder may nominate a legal guardian by attesting guardian's name and signature on BDT 150 judicial stamp paper. Legal guardian has to be nominated by both parents and notarized by a Notary Public.

Selection of Account Nominee: Selection of Nominee for this account is mandatory and nominee will only be selected by the Parents or Legal Guardian.

Premature Encashment: Free of Charge.

Account Statement: Parents or Legal Guardians shall receive monthly account statement of this account.

  • Duly filled and signed Bank's prescribed account opening application form and KYC Form.
  • Two passport size Photographs of the Student and both Parents or Legal Guardian attested by the school authority. Every two year the student's photograph shall be replaced by the recent photograph duly attested by the School authority.
  • Specimen Signature Card to be signed by the applicant and both parents or legal guardian in front of respective bank official.
  • One passport size Photographs of the Nominee attested by the Parents or Legal Guardian. Only Parents will attest one passport size Photographs of the nominated legal guardian.
  • Enrollment Proof of the student with photo attested by the School authority or School ID Card.
  • Photocopy of National ID Card of the both Parents or Legal Guardian.
  • Birth Registration Certificate of the Applicant.