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NCC Bank Mausumi Prabriddhi Finance

Nature of Loan: Time Loan structured payment. Repay monthly interest as installment and pay Principal amount with up-to-date interest at maturity.

Purpose of Loan: To meet Working capital requirement.

Loan limit: Minimum BDT 1 lac and Maximum BDT 300 lac.

Tenor of Loan: up to 12 months.

  • Legal business identity supported by all required papers and documents.
  • The applicant(s) must be a Bangladeshi National.
  • At least 02 (two) years successful business track record.
  • Age of the applicant shall be within 21 years to 60 years at the time of loan approach.
  • Business operation must not be illegal by the law of land or environmentally hazardous.
  • No classification history.
  • Copy of updated Trade License.
  • Copy of National ID Card of Business Owner(s) and spouse(s).
  • Copy of Up-to-date TIN Certificate of concerned business concern.
  • Bank Statement(s) for last 12 months.
  • Profit and Loss Statement and balance sheet of the business concern.

* Additional documents may be requested based on NCCBL Policies

  • Hypothecation of stocks.
  • 02 nos. Acceptable personal guarantees of individual.
  • Postdated cheques and other usual security arrangements.
  • Registered Mortgage of Land & Building.

* Security arrangement based on the credit worthiness and prevailing policy of the bank.